First Federal Savings and Loans Association wants to become the best financial assistance for our customers by providing beneficial loan options that suit each and every need. We were launched to support you on every step you take on the route to your financial goals. Choose the option that meets your interests from our extensive list of loan services.

Auto Loans

We offer loans for both new and used cars to set no limits on your dreams. Our no down payment options make it possible to purchase a vehicle that sinks deep into your mind. Discover now what we can offer you for the term that will be convenient for you.


Don’t let any doubt you may have in mind come between you and your new home. Contact us to find the best housing market can offer and make it the one you can afford. Our up to 100% financing option lets you both purchase the house and set some money to make it the place of your dream.

Share Loans

Use your savings account balance as collateral and make it work for your dream. Let your savings become the key to all doors. Use the money to go on vacation or open your own business. There are no limits on what you can spend money for.

Personal Loans

Put your personal needs first and get the money for any occasion to afford more. Whether you need to overcome some financial difficulties, or it is just an event you want to be prepared for, there are no limits and additional conditions. Borrow up to $50,000 and repay the loan within 5 years in equal monthly installments.

Home Improvement Loans

Allow yourself to live in a dream home with our home improvement loans. Your home improvement project may become a reality sooner than you think. Loans at the First Federal Savings and Loans Association require no collateral and set no origination fees.

Student Loans

Your college degree is the best investment that always pays off. Borrow the amount you need to pay for the education you’ve always wanted to get. There’s nothing more you have to back down with our affordable loan option for both future and current students.

Home Equity

Let your home become the key to many options in your life. It can help you in achieving your wildest dreams with our home equity loans and lines of credit. Pay for education, improve your home, or consolidate debts at our fair rates without any additional charges and fees. Apply today or contact us for a detailed explanation.